Terms of Service


1. Ordering a commission

– If you want to place an order, send an email to hola@isableh.com , or message me on Twitter.
– In your email/message please include a small summary of what you’re looking for.
– I’ll inform you if I’m available to take your order, if I am, I’ll ask you to send detailed instructions and references of your commission.
– If I accept your order, I’ll send you the payment info.
– Once I recieve your first payment, I’ll add you to my queue and give you an estimated delivery time.
– Please be patient if I take a couple of days to get back to you.


  • Original characters.
  • Fanart (videogames, anime, etc).


  • Any design that incites hatred or violence.
  • Mechs (complex robots).

General Terms

I, the artist, have the right to decline or cancel a commission for whatever reason.Commission prices are subject to change. If you are in the queue for a commission during any price change, the original cost of your commission will not change.Clients must state whether or not their commission is for the commercial purposes of any business that is not a sole proprietor or individual as there may be an additional fee for larger commercial work.If the client requests a specific deadline within a week or less of requesting a commission, rush fees may apply.Any private or personal information (for example, names, birthdays, ages, pictures of faces, locations, etc.) the client shares with me, the artist, will remain confidential.

Customer Satisfaction

I, the artist, will do everything I can to make my clients happy.However, changes cannot be made after the work is complete and the client has received their unwatermarked, HD, files.I, the artist, ask that the client be clear with what they would like from the beginning to avoid any major issues and minimize the chance of needing changes made.

Canceling/Refunding Policy

I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.The client may request a cancellation and a full refund during or before the detailed sketch phase.If a cancellation is requested after the detailed sketch period, the artist will refund 50% of whatever has been paid up until that point.100% refunds will never be made once work beyond a simple sketch has been started.If payment has not yet been made the client has the right to cancel the commission.If you file a chargeback against me your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted, I have the right to sell the copyrighted work to new buyers, and you will be forbidden to commission me ever again.
Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.

By commissioning me you agree you have read, understand, and agree to these terms and services.

2. Payments

– All prices are in USD and all payments must be made through PayPal.
– You have the option to pay half upfront and the rest when I send you the preview of your finished order.
– I will not refund you your payment if I’ve already started the sketching process.
– If I cannot finish your commission due to personal issues, I’ll refund you the totallity of what you had already paid.
– Tips are not mandatory but they are greatly appreciated! I have a Ko-Fi page if you would like to tip/support me after completing your commission ♡


All commissions must be paid in full before any work beyond a quick sketch is received by the client (with the exception of commissioned sketches which must be paid in full before any work is done)I only accept USDPayment below $100 can be made by Ko-fi or emailed invoicePayments above $100 must be made by emailed invoiceAll tips must be made via Ko-fi

3. Process

– After I have recieved payment, your commission will be started when it has been reached in my queue.
– I’ll send you two updates for you to revision (sketch + colored), I’ll only make big changes to the design while still in the sketch phase, after that, big changes will be charged extra (small changes like color are ok anytime).
– Once you’re happy with the last revision, I’ll ask you to pay the rest of the price (in case you didn’t pay all upfront), then I’ll send you a WeTransfer link with all of your files.

The client must provide an idea of the work they would like. The artist will then provide the client with the rate.You must own or have permission from the creator of the character/subject to commission the character/subject in the reference you are giving. I am trusting that you have either, made the character/subject yourself, talked to the artist and be given permission, or have explicit evidence that the creator has allowed either me specifically or all artists to sell art of that character/subject. If you do not have permission, do not commission that character/subject.For artistic refence, I accept reference sheets, other drawings of the same subject/character, your own drawing of the subject (even if you think it’s sloppy or confusing), and photographs, for free. I also accept collages/mood boards, and detailed descriptions as reference however the price will increase by 25% as I am visually designing the character.Work beyond a simple sketch will be started once full payment has been received. I, the artist, will confirm with the client that I have received payment.Work in Progress will be given to the client after each phase (quick sketch, detailed sketch, line art, and color).Time consuming changes will require an additional fee. The first 3 small changes (examples: changing a character’s hair color, changing a character’s nose shape, etc.) are free. Additional small changes will require an additional payment of 10% of the full price (example a small change to a $50 commission will cost $5) Large changes ( example: pose/panel redraw, a change in costumes, etc.) will require an additional payment of 15% of the full price. (example: a large change to a $50 commission will cost $7.50). Change fees must be made upfront when a change is requested. Changes will not be made until the artist has confirmed that payment has been received.If the client is commissioning multiple pieces (example: a set of emotes, a poster series, etc.) the client can either choose to pay the amount for the entire project up front, or choose to pay up front on a piece by piece basis.Work will be started as soon as possible once payment has been received. The artist will inform the client if there is a queue from commissioned work and will keep them informed of their place in line.The client will be sent a high resolution PNG of their commission without a watermark once the client has confirmed that the work is to their satisfaction.

4. Permission and Copyright

  • If you, the client, have not purchased a separate commercial fee, I own all the rights to your commission. I am allowed to use the work to promote myself, sharing or displaying.
  • You need to pay a commercial fee if you want to reproduce your commission to re-sell in any way of merchandise.
  • You are allowed to use it for icons, wallpapers and any graphics for your social media. You can print your commission for your own physical copy so long as it is not being produced for profit.
  • The following is considered Copyright Infringement-Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially
    -Taking credit for the creation of the artwork
    -Removing any watermarks/signatures
    -Altering the artwork without my, the artist’s, consent
  • Although not required, proper credit back to either my website or Twitter when your commission is displayed publicly is appreciated!